Registered Nurse

St John's on Luther Place

Full time and part time positions available on the evenings and overnights

The RN position provides each resident with routine daily nursing care and other desired services in accordance with the resident’s assessment, choices and care plan. The RN completes resident’s assessments as directed by the RNCC. Each RN monitors T.M.A’s, C.N.A’s, and residents for his/her 8 hour shift. The RN works closely with the RN Clinical Coordinator to manage the day to day functions.

The RN is required to have a current license to practice in the state of Minnesota and current CPR certification. Experience in gerontological nursing is preferred. Must possess excellent clinical skills and understanding of the nursing process in order to monitor the nursing care delivered by the TMA and C.N.A. Must be able communicate in English both verbally and in writing.


Part time positions available on the evening and overnight shifts

The Caregiver provides care and services to tenants to meet their daily physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs, wants and expectations under the direction of Registered Nurse.

This position is for someone who really enjoys working in the home of the elder. Assisting them to live in an apartment style home.


St John's on Fountain Lake

Part time positions available during the day and evening.

The homemaker works with other staff to make the household a homey, healthy, and happy place. The homemaker sees the kitchen and dining as central to the sense of home. The homemaker understands the psychological, emotional, and spiritual impact of food and meal sharing on resident’s well-being. The homemaker makes every effort to make mealtimes pleasant, and to create opportunities for residents to connect with others while dining. The homemaker works to create a daily life filled with pleasurable moments, laughter and fun. The homemaker understands that food and food preparation are filled with opportunities for activity, interactions, and relationships. The homemaker understands that the kitchen is the heart of the home