St. John's Foundation

The St. John's Foundation was established in 1965 by Chester J. Leusman. Thanks to Mr. Leusman's vision, a permanent and sustaining trust fund was established to assure the ongoing financial health of the nursing home. The mission of the St. John's Foundation is to provide vital, additional income for St. John's Lutheran Community.



Donations are tax deductible

The St. John's Foundation is a not-for-profit 501 (C) (3). Donations made to the Foundation are tax deductible. Donations to the Foundation can be made in many ways including: cash or check, bequest in a will, securities such as stocks and bonds, personal property, life insurance, retirement assets and real estate to name a few. Confidential gift planning is available through the Minnesota Community Foundation at 1-888-922-5990.



Benefit of Foundation

One of the benefits of giving to the Foundation is that the principal (gift or donation) is never spent. Your donation is combined with other donations and only the earnings or interest is spent. A donation to the foundation continues to benefit St. John’s year after year and from one generation to the next.  Dale Matson, a long time foundation trustee summarizes this concept,   “A donation is never spent, but the earnings and growth will always benefit St. John’s Lutheran Community.”


Donations Benefit Community Members

The income from the St. John’s Foundation directly benefits the community members at St. John’s Lutheran Community. For example, foundation donations help support programs such as the gardening program and the spiritual care program. Foundation donations also make it possible to purchase and maintain a community member bus which is used throughout the year for community member outings. Foundation donations have also been used to update the building so that our community members have a warm, safe, and homelike environment in which to live.   These are just a few examples as to how foundation dollars are used to benefit our community members.

Please consider making a donation to the St. John’s Foundation.

How Do I Make a Donation

For cash donations using a debit or credit card, an icon is available for your convenience. Simply click on the DONTATE NOW button to make a donation to the St. John’s Foundation.

Cash donations made by means of a check should be made out to: “St. John’s Foundation.”  Checks can be dropped off at the main reception desk which is located in the office area.  Checks can also be mailed to: St. John’s Foundation, 901 Luther Place, Albert Lea, MN 56007.

For donations such as stocks and bonds or property and life insurance, please contact the St. John’s CFO or Administrator at 507-373-8226.

Thank you for your financial support!